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Mason jars are great for a variety of things, especially when it comes to the kitchen. These simple glass containers are great for storing food, especially during the holiday season.

Here are three recipe jars that are great as gifts for friends, neighbors, and family, or for you own...Read more

With Christmas quickly approaching, you might want to consider making some fun DIY ornaments! Create something new with glass ornaments, as their blank canvas encourages creativity and uniqueness in children and adults alike.

Here are some DIY glass ornament ideas:

...Read more

Topping off your tables with holiday gear? Custom glass table tops just might be the icing on the cake. A hassle-free way to protect furniture and update it with a new look, before you deck the tables in your halls with new or heirloom holiday décor, minimize the look of current wear and tear...Read more

Take a quick glance at the headlights on a new car. The acrylic is perfectly transparent and you can see all the details of the headlamp behind it. Now look at your own car. It’s a few years old and has a few thousand miles on it. The headlights also have an unappealing, hazy look to them....Read more

Save much-needed time – not to mention your sanity – with these cleaning hacks that take advantage of everyday items to tackle your home’s toughest glass cleaning needs.

Put these tried-and-true glass cleaning hacks to the test

The oils on your fingertips have a tendency to show up on glass. If you’re tired of seeing oily smears on glass surfaces throughout your home, use this guide to remove fingerprints with ease.

Remove Fingerprints from Window Glass

Windows and sliding glass patio...Read more

If you’re looking for a unique craft that the kids will love, this stained glass turkey is a great option. It’s not everyday you see a colorful turkey shining light through a window! This craft is easy to make and festive for Thanksgiving.

...Read more

Mason jars are useful for so many different things, especially table centerpieces! They are easily customizable and affordable for any budget. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your dining table decorations!

Floating Candle Jars...Read more

The battle of glass versus plastic storage containers isn’t exactly age-old, but it is contentious. If your family is still doing battle over the best place to store and transport leftovers, stop the insanity – see who comes out on top when glass and plastic duke it out…

Glass...Read more

Mirrors serve several functional and aesthetic purposes. They reflect light and images to make a small room appear larger. They also give you a way to double check your appearance before you leave the house.

Standard mirrors are available in bulk at big box and home improvement stores,...Read more