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Custom Kitchen Table Glass Tops from Glass Doctor

A kitchen table is where a house becomes a home, and Glass Doctor® is where you can find a custom glass top for your kitchen table. Select the glass and type of cut that’s perfect for your table, and our specialists will design and install it during a scheduled appointment.

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Custom Furniture Glass Tops from Glass Doctor

A kitchen table is more than just a surface for eating. A glass tabletop can bring both style and substance to your kitchen.

  • Custom-cut edges make your glass tabletop modern, chic, trendy and fun.
  • Glass tabletops can make your kitchen feel larger by creating an illusion of extra space.
  • Glass tops are versatile and pair well with vintage pieces for creative DIY tables. 
  • A glass top will highlight a table base or rug, rather than hide them.
  • Glass tabletops are simple and fast to clean with just a dry cloth and some water.
  • When used over a wooden table, glass tabletops can protect the wood from sun damage.
  • Glass tabletops also protect furniture from scratches, water rings and normal wear and tear.

A kitchen table is where families eat dinner together and entertain friends and neighbors. It also serves as one of the centerpieces of any home. If you’re looking for glass for your kitchen table, countertop, coffee table or end table, we will design and cut the right piece of glass for any piece of furniture.

The many different types of edges available for your kitchen table glass top include bullnose, mitre, 1 ½ inch bevel, double bevel, triple bevel, waterfall and several other options.


Why Choose Glass Doctor?

You can order a glass tabletop online from a general retailer, but you’ll do so without being able to first see the glass or custom fit it to your exact specifications. By calling Glass Doctor, you’ll be able to choose your preferred type of glass and edging and our experts will fit it to your table exactly the way you want it.

Our specialists are bonded and insured, and you’ll never pay for an estimate or consultation. Our flat up front pricing is also affordable and straightforward.

Call us at (855) 603-1919 to get started designing your custom glass kitchen table top.